Is Vivid Co. on the DES 1620 statewide contract?

Yes, Vivid Co. is on the DES 1620 contract for Management and Business Analysis, Organizational Development, and Change Management. If you’re looking to contract with us for project management and quality assurance services, those are covered under the Management and Business Analysis category. We’ve got you covered on all bases!

Can we contract with Vivid Co. for IT project management or QA services under the 1620 contract?

Yes, the Management and Business Analysis category allows for these types of services.

Is Vivid Co. the same company as KB & Associates, LLC?

Yes, Vivid Co. used to be known as KB & Associates, LLC or KBA. While we’ve updated our name and brand to better reflect our focus on strong, distinct, and clear work, the team you’ve come to appreciate and rely upon hasn’t gone anywhere! Visit our About page to learn a little bit more about our story and get to know our team.

Do you do business outside of Washington State?

We sure do! We provide remote consulting services in other states.

Do you work with the private sector or non-profits?

We work with both the private sector and non-profit organizations and remain open to opportunities to partner with customers across diverse industries.

What is the difference between OCM and OD?

Put simply, Organizational Change Management (OCM) focuses on people, while Organizational Development (OD) addresses the big picture of an organization.

OCM takes a methodical approach to supporting individuals through specific initiatives by focusing on strong sponsorship, stakeholder engagement, process readiness, quality communication, and training. It prioritizes the human side of change and helps individuals adapt to new organizational shifts or transformations. OD, on the other hand, takes a broader, more comprehensive approach to improving leadership, performance, culture, and organizational structures. 

The Vivid Co. team brings expertise in both areas, so check out our services to learn more about what we offer, or reach out to our team directly to find out how we can make your work a little bit easier.

What is “External Project Quality Assurance?” Is it the same as software QA or software testing?

External Project Quality Assurance is required by the Washington State Legislature for certain high-cost, high-risk projects. It is the assessment of project management processes and activities to identify risks and conditions that threaten a project’s success. It monitors progress and risk mitigation strategies and makes recommendations for improvement that will increase the likelihood of project success. QA serves as an early warning system, alerting executives and sponsors to looming risks and offering recommendations to effectively mitigate the risks. It is also a close-up look at what is really happening in the project and agency.

External Project Quality Assurance should not be confused with software QA, software testing, quality control, IV&V, or auditing and control of human or system errors. These are all different services that Vivid Co. does not provide.

Does your firm offer business analysis?

Yes, we offer business analysis to our customers. Please reach out and tell us more about the type of business analyst support you need.

Does your firm do software development?

No, this is not our area of expertise. However, we would be happy to explore other paths to assist your organization’s needs. Reach out to us directly or read up on the services we offer to learn more about how we can work together!

Does your firm do software QA or testing?

No, we do not provide software testing services. See above for the difference between External Project QA and Software QA. 

Are you hiring?

Vivid Co. is always interested in connecting with people experienced in PM, OCM, and QA work in the Washington State environment. Please see our Careers page for information on open positions or reach out directly with any questions. 

Can an agency contract with you through South Puget Sound Community College, Bellevue College, or other related programs?

Yes, we have a long history of working with state agencies through SPSCC and are open to working with other community college programs as well. Connect with our team to learn more!

Do you only offer IT project management, or do your services extend to other types as well?

Vivid Co. has team members with project management experience in IT, real estate acquisition, new program development, and other business support activities. We do not offer project management services for construction, manufacturing, or related industries.

Are you a temp staffing or recruiting firm?

No, Vivid Co. is a consulting services firm and does not offer placement or recruiting services. 

What WA State agencies have Vivid Co. done work for?

Due to the nature of our contracts with Washington State agencies, we are unable to disclose the specific names to avoid any confusion involving an endorsement from that agency. However, we can confirm that we’ve provided services in the following areas within the WA state government: health care, social services, natural resources, taxing and licensing, and multiple boards.