Quality Assurance

An experienced Quality Assurance team dedicated to your project’s success.

Quality Assurance (QA) services provide independent and expert guidance to project leaders and teams so that projects achieve their objectives. Vivid Co. has years of project leadership skills and knowledge to advise teams on planning and tactically managing their projects strategically.

Vivid Co. consultants have served in project management leadership roles across numerous highly visible and risk-intensive state government projects. We strive to provide technically sound advice that matters, so we only make recommendations when we believe there is substantive value and a clearly defined action plan.


So why should that matter to you?

Busy organizational leaders don’t have time to personally monitor how the projects they sponsor are progressing. Our assessments fill in the gaps and highlight the most significant ways they can support their teams. We continuously seek information through observation and evidence to determine exactly how the project is progressing. We participate in project meetings and ask questions to better understand and validate conditions that are not easily observed.



Busy leaders can rest assured knowing how to help

Our just-in-time consulting and feedback approach identifies problems as they arise, allowing them to be addressed promptly and avoid wasting time and resources.



We provide clear recommendations with action plans, making it easier for project leaders to proactively manage risks before they become issues.


Compliance with regulations and standards

Our familiarity with the Washington state regulatory environment and OCIO policy helps project teams navigate compliance expectations.

Quality Assurance with Vivid Co.

Why us? Vivid Co. offers a range of benefits, including access to expert knowledge and experience, from people who care deeply about project management and public service. We are adept at using our experience and creativity to ensure our services meet our customers’ specific needs.