Project and Program Management

Based on years of experience delivering projects in the state IT environment

Our PM team focuses on applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to plan, execute, and monitor your specific project from start to finish. We can assist you in the planning, advancing, and achievement of your goals, whether you’re concentrating on a specific IT or agency project or broader program. Our team knows how to use project management fundamentals in the state project environment.



How to work with agency business partners to define what the project must deliver to meet business objectives.


Working with your team to identify milestones and activities that add value throughout the project lifecycle and demonstrate progress.


Understanding allotted funds from the legislature or within the agency and staying within those limits while delivering the required scope.

PM that works for you

We’ll create a structure that balances these three factors and manages the risks and issues that may arise during the scope of work. We’ll also highlight critical decisions related to WA State projects for the business and IT owners. Someone who knows the intricacies of state government processes can be a valued asset.

While our team heavily focuses on IT systems, we oversee the implementation process, procurement and vendors, OCIO requirements, and other factors essential to project success.


Program Management services involve the coordinated management of multiple related projects to achieve a shared set of business objectives. While both Project and Program Management have similar methods, their structure varies based on the task at hand.


Deliver business value

Providing clarity on your objectives can focus project team resources on the most important activities to meet those goals. This consistency leads to the best outcomes for your organization.


Manage project risk

Enabling organizations to identify and plan for potential risks early on reduces the likelihood of missing key business goals for a project.


Clear communication

Facilitating shared understanding between employees, stakeholders, and end users, while encouraging collaboration that generates sustainable business outcomes.

Collaborate with Vivid Co.

To provide the best approach, we work to understand your agency’s unique situation and develop a comprehensive plan based on the size and complexity of your project. At every phase, Vivid Co. looks for opportunities to make meeting your goals easier for you and your team.