Organizational Change Management

Our tailored approach lowers resistance to change and preps for a smooth transition.

There can be a lot of uncertainty when you’re restructuring or transitioning to a new program or system. Organizational Change Management (OCM) reduces that uncertainty by guiding you and your team through the change to achieve your objectives.


So, what is OCM exactly?

Organizational Change Management is a structured methodology that prepares people and processes for change. The OCM consultants at Vivid Co. help our customers understand how implementing a new system or program will impact people and processes.

We don’t just tell our customers they’re ready for the change; we show them. With clear and tangible metrics you can rely on, we’re here to help you effectively sponsor change and bring your organization through the transition!



Smoother transitions and reduced friction

Engage impacted groups early to prepare the organization to overcome resistance to the change, resulting in a smoother transition and increased employee buy-in.


Increased adoption

Help leaders of change hear employee concerns and manage the impact of change on their roles, resulting in increased adoption of new processes and improved morale.


Improved stakeholder satisfaction

Ensures that changes are made with all impacted groups in mind, resulting in increased satisfaction levels for customers, employees, and all other stakeholders.

OCM with Vivid Co

With a deep understanding of state government operations, we manage transitions in your agency by providing a structured framework to support your organization.