What we offer

At Vivid Co., we work hard to make your work easier. As a consulting firm focused on state government and public entities, we offer industry-specific expertise to provide your organization with strategic advice, direction, and actionable solutions to improve your project outcomes.


     Project Management     Organizational Change Management      Quality Assurance 

     Project Management     Organizational Change Management      Quality Assurance 

Project + Program Management

Whether you’re focusing on a project or a larger program, our services can help you to plan, process, and achieve your goals.


Organizational Change Management

We apply a proven OCM methodology to minimize resistance and maximize an organization’s readiness for a change — be it implementing a new system or an innovative new program.



We deliver reliable, valuable insight to projects by helping leaders and team members identify and mitigate risks related to the project’s ambitious goals, complex relationships, and scrutiny from a variety of stakeholders.


Other Services

Feasibility Studies

Understand the practicality, risks, and likelihood of your new project’s success before you start. Our Feasibility Studies assess your project early on to help you understand potential issues and benefits so they may be addressed at the outset.

Program Reviews

Create a new and improved program roadmap based on a deep dive into performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Organizational Development

Transform your agency with our Organizational Development services, designed to help you attain your desired goals by aligning your people, processes, and culture toward success.


Strengthen your executive and management team with our Coaching services that boost participants’ growth by equipping them with valuable insights, enhancing their interpersonal and leadership skills, and paving the way for their career path.