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Vivid Co.

The consulting firm for Washington State agencies

Implementing changes and projects is no small task. At Vivid Co., we know what it feels like to get pulled in a million directions, so we work hard to make your work easier.

Our team is passionate about building relationships to offer the best approach for your unique situation. We strive to quickly understand your organization’s needs and are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.


Focused on strong and clear results for your agency

Each of our consulting services delivers expertise and proven strategies that support leaders and their teams in making informed decisions throughout the project, from planning to completion.

Project + Program Management

Help your organization achieve project objectives and strategically plan future goals with Project + Program Management consulting. 

Organizational Change Management

OCM is a framework to manage evolving business needs or major shifts within an existing agency. Our team works to get you clear, tangible readiness metrics you can count on.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team is passionate about the role of project management in driving success, particularly in the public sector. We have decades of hands-on experience leading and advising successful projects as project managers, sponsors, oversight consultants, and QA advisors.

Other Services

Are you looking for more? Vivid Co. offers additional services, so there are no gaps or weak points every step of the way.

– Feasibility Studies
– Program Reviews
– Strategic Planning
– Organization Development
– Executive and Management Coaching

About our team

When you work with us, we collaborate seamlessly to help you succeed. With our years of experience consulting and working as public servants, Vivid Co. utilizes our combined knowledge and expertise to guide you through complex agency environments.


     Project Management     Organizational Change Management      Quality Assurance

     Project Management     Organizational Change Management      Quality Assurance

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